JiggyJobs.com announced that the driver recruitment website has transitioned from a three-page driver application to a one-page application.
The new application uses new technology, making it faster and easier for drivers to fill out, while still providing carriers with top-quality applications.

"This new technology provides the driver with a more convenient and user-friendly page to fill out the application, whether on a computer or mobile device," said Dennis Veneklase, VP of Business Development for JiggyJobs.com. "The one-page application helps increase the number of applications we send to our customers, because we're decreasing the number of incomplete applications with this new technology."

The features of the new one-page application include:
- No loading time between pages.
- No delays from not being able to move to the next page of the application.
- Removal of the need to hit the back button to review information.
- More drop down boxes to save space and time.
- New electronic signature that is both easier to use and faster than the previous version.
- The electronic signature options expedite the application process by allowing the carrier to order necessary background checks and Motor Vehicle Records.
- New email recognition technology alerts the driver as soon as the email address is entered whether or not they already have an account with us or application on file.