Digital Insurance has added Drive Well to its suite of Digital Advantage offerings
, which encompasses exclusive benefits for customers, including guaranteed issue, a simplified enrollment process and longer rate guarantees.

Digital developed Drive Well in partnership with Careington International to provide truck, bus and other commercial drivers with a low-priced, $19.95 per month for member and family platform of health and wellness programs. The programs include online physician access, weight loss management, telemedicine consultation, health care screenings/assessments, radiology test scheduling, hearing and prescription discounts and reduced pricing for diabetic supplies.

One of Drive Well's components is its turnkey Aeroflow sleep apnea testing and treatment package, a one-stop referral source for complete sleep testing and treatment.

Members have access to a low-cost, in-home sleep test - and, if diagnosed with sleep apnea, have the opportunity to purchase a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine at a discounted rate for treatment.