Oliver Rubber has launched ULP Trailer (Ultra Low Profile), an EPA SmartWay verified retread for wide-base single tires.

ULP Trailer is designed for long haul wide base trailer applications and delivers enhanced fuel efficiency, according to the company.

Oliver Rubbers new ULP Trailer employs VDi Plus, a visual depth indicator that reduces the retention of foreign objects in the tread face, said Philip Boarts, product category manager, Retread for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. The retread, pressed in Olivers Black Armor compound, has unique properties that contribute to incredible treadwear and very low rolling resistance. This introduction provides an excellent retread solution for the next generation of wide base singles.

VDi Plus is an Oliver Rubber exclusive feature. Easy visual tread depth gauging enhances the fleet operations budget planning process. Reduced lodging of foreign material abates stone drilling conditions and casing penetration issues.

Oliver Rubber is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michelin North America, which acquired the company in 2007.