Chevron has expanded the Expert Knowledge section on its website, with video and written material to address key issues, including Fuel Economy, Emissions Regulations and PC-11 (the new diesel engine oil category under development, slated for introduction in 2016.)

"For us education isn't a one-way thing," says Jim Gambill, Delo commercial and industrial brand manager, Chevron Lubricants. "The real key to knowledge is bringing peple together. We currently hold over 250 customer-focused educational events per year."

"While we will continue to meet with customers face-to-face, we see a clear value in bringing some of this content online. We find people who are able to bring the knowledge together can develop a competitive advantage."

The site will be updated on a regular basis and will include insight from Chevron subject matter experts on best practices and important topics.

Jim McGeehan, Chevron's global manager, heavy-duty diesel engine oil technology and the chairman of the ASTM heavy-duty engine oil classification panel, which is charged with setting limits and verifying testing for the development of API oil classifications, will be a regular contributor to the site, providing updates on the development of PC-11.

Chevron notes it has a long history of educating the lubrication industry, the markets it serves and its customers about key technologies and issues. The now retired Lubrication Magazine, which was first published by Texaco and then Chevron, provided detailed technical insight, for over 95 years, into lubricant-related topics ranging from oil category changes to bio-diesel to hydraulics and oil analysis.

Each year, the company works with its family of marketers to host Delo-branded educational events around the country.

In 1999, Chevron introduced the Delo Truck, which has visited 49 states as well as Canada and Mexico. The current version of the Delo Truck has 19 learning stations, most with interactive displays. Visitors to the truck can explore various topics, including maximizing drain intervals and interpreting evolving OEM drain recommendations.

To further its educational efforts, in 2006, Chevron launched the Lubricants University site, which provides its marketers with online access to a wealth of training materials, courses and other lubricant-related educational content.