This week uDrove released an affordable electronic onboard recorder.
The device is priced at $379.99, which the company says will put the technology within reach for most budget-conscious trucking companies.

UDrove is known for their smart phone and tablet-based compliance management software, which is said to help trucking companies simplify and reduce paperwork.

Expanding into the EOBR market, the uDrove device is intended to help trucking companies improve efficiencies and automate hours of service, and it also communicates with uDrove's compliance software to auto-fill data that drivers would otherwise manually input.

The device is advertised to be "plug 'n go," meaning that it doesn't require any professional installation, needing just to be plugged into the truck's diagnostic port.

With the Federal government passing the MAP 21 Transportation bill this past summer, all drivers will soon be required to track hours of service using electronic logging devices, possibly beginning as early as 2014. UDrove's EOBR not only allows trucking companies to comply with the new regulations, but fuel/mileage tracking is performed electronically to simplify IFTA reporting.