Descartes Systems Group unveiled Descartes Community, a cloud-based service, at the annual Descartes Global User and Partner Conference.
The new service allows Descartes customers to more deeply interact in their daily business within their industry and find new ways to grow, says the company.

To facilitate the widespread adoption of the Descartes Community, Descartes is making its Standard Messaging Format communication protocol publicly available for use, free of charge, to those wishing to connect to Descartes Global Logistics Network.

The Descartes Community service offers members the ability to connect with Descartes GLN members through collaboration tools and automate multiparty processes by using the SMF business document definitions.

The backbone of the cloud-based Descartes Community is Descartes' GLN, a multi-modal network with over 35,000 connected parties. This infrastructure gives members of the Descartes Community the flexibility to create the multi-party communications and processes that they need to extend their command of operations.

For a number of years, Descartes has been working to standardize logistics transactions across the multiple modes of transportation and with industry bodies such as IATA. The goal of making these 25 critical logistics and regulatory message standards available to all organizations free of charge is to make communication and collaboration between parties in the logistics industries and their customers and partners as seamless as possible.