Double Coin Tires and China Manufacturers Alliance LLC, a tire manufacturer and marketer, introduced two new tires
CMA's new RSD3 drive position tire for winter applications.
CMA's new RSD3 drive position tire for winter applications.
including the OptiGreen Series FD425 super wide ultra premium fuel and weight efficient drive position tire and the RSD3 ultra premium drive position tire optimized for severe winter driving conditions.


The FD425 is the fifth addition to the EPA SmartWay-Verified Technology fuel efficient OptiGreen Series. The low rolling resistance tire series includes the FR605, FD405, FT105 and the FT125.

The new FD425 features advanced tread compounds, a wider, low profile design for low rolling resistance and weight savings for greater mileage.

Durability, strength and even wear are key features of its design, engineering and unique construction. All of Double Coin's OptiGreen products are designed from inception by use of Double Coin's Finite Element Analysis engineered science and manufactured in ISO14001 certified environmentally friendly facilities.

The FD425 is now available in a 445/50R22.5 size and has a maximum carrying capacity of 10,200 pounds.


The new Double Coin RSD3 tire is an on/off highway drive position tire engineered with specific features to enhance ice and snow traction and performance. The RSD3 features an open shoulder and proven design for excellent traction and added cleaning ability.

The zigzag siping increases traction and performance on all road surfaces and conditions.

The RSD3 is the seventh tire model in Double Coin's TBR mixed service category. Sizes that are currently available include 11R22.5, 295/80R22.5, and 315/80R22.5, with development of additional sizes slated for 2013.