Blue Tree Systems announced its R:Com fleet management system is now available on all vehicle types, including pick-up trucks, cargo vans and passenger vehicles.

The comprehensive and robust system offers advanced temperature, fuel and hours-of-service management, driver performance analysis, and in-cab communication, satellite navigation, and vehicle tracking capabilities.

"After consultation with various fleet operators we identified the demand to extend our system to be compatible with pick-up trucks and other smaller vehicle types," said Mark Whitney, product development manager at Blue Tree. "Reducing fuel costs, improving driver performance and optimizing fleet deployment are just as crucial to operators of fleets of smaller vehicles for increasing profitability and customer satisfaction as they are to larger truck and trailer fleets."

R:Com's advanced functionality delivers a fast ROI and a fuel cost reduction of up to 20% through effective driving-style coaching features and accurate fuel use data provided by the system's Fuel Auditor.

The fuel management feature provides accurate and reliable fuel consumption data, which fleet managers can employ to analyze and improve fuel efficiency. The Fuel Auditor compares the amount of fuel burned by each vehicle in the fleet to the amount of fuel purchased.

Fuel purchased data can be imported from electronic fuel cards, on-site pumps, or typed in manually from receipts. Any discrepancies between fuel burned and fuel purchased are immediately highlighted and reported with the exact time and location of the discrepancy.

R:Com now also features the newest addition to its HOS management solution. HOS Advisor helps drivers meet HOS regulations and maximize productivity using available working hours.