The National Private Truck Council and Instructional Technologies Inc. have partnered to release Private Fleet Management Online, an interactive, multimedia e-book that's a how-to-guide and reference manual for managers of private fleets.

The comprehensive, five-volume e-book set spans the five core disciplines of private fleets, and is based on best practices, strategies and operational excellence gleaned from the nation's leading private fleet practitioners.

The content is part training material, part resource for best practices, and part reference guide for ever-changing regulations and technologies. The 900+ pages cover Equipment, Maintenance, Operations, Safety and Compliance, HR and Finance.

PFMO works on any browser or mobile device connected to the Internet. This connectivity lets you get updates seamlessly whenever you login. PFMO lets you bookmark important sections, take and search notes, play interactive video, download and print forms or spreadsheets, and search the entire contents.

PFMO focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential to successful private fleet management. Through hundreds of interviews and years of ongoing research, the NPTC categorized 47 key management tasks into five core disciplines that form the heart of NPTC Certified Transportation Professional designation.

Because regulations, technology, and best practices change frequently, so does the content in the PFMO.

PFMO stays on top of the myriad changes, making it a reliable source for your team. Information in the books is reviewed and updated quarterly at a minimum.

And as regulations change, such as the ban on handheld cellphones and the new Hazmat CSA BASIC, the information will be pushed automatically to you. It is an everyday reference book for fleet managers.

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