Zonar, a provider of electronic fleet inspection, tracking and operations systems, introduces the V3 telematics platform.

The V3 collects data directly from the vehicle ECM, integrates that information with satellite GPS readings and transmits the data over 3G networks for immediate reporting.

The new V3 features GPS tracking capability, 3G high-speed data connection, built-in accelerometer, WiFi, and ultralow power sleep mode.

With parallel time and frequency search capabilities that quickly find satellites, anti-jamming technology and low power consumption, the GPS receiver built into the V3 provides position accuracy even in challenging environments.

The V3 also combines GPS and ECM data to provide geospatially precise vehicle performance metrics, a unique offering for which Zonar holds a patent.

New to the V3 is a three-axis accelerometer that senses changes in gravitational force including front-to-back, side-to-side and up-and-down to accurately determine motion and orientation. The result is timely and accurate detection of hard-braking, hard-acceleration, and hard-cornering - three operating behaviors that affect fuel efficiency and safe operation.

The V3 features real-time vehicle diagnostics to help improve vehicle uptime and maintenance operations. Fault code data is instantly delivered to fleet managers and dispatchers, often before the driver is aware of the problem. Alerted of the vehicle's condition, fleets can schedule shop time and maintenance resources in advance to reduce vehicle downtime. All performance and diagnostic information is available through Zonar's Web-based Ground Traffic Control application.