TMW has added a number of enhancements to both the IBM i System and SQL versions of TMT Fleet Maintenance software.

Among the new capabilities for the SQL version:

- An interactive workstation for the shop that features a browser-based touchscreen interface. It includes mechanic workstation, gate in/gate out activity tracking, yard check features and inbound inspection lane ticket support. The module is compatible with handheld tablets running Windows 7.

- Another new capability in support for driver vehicle inspection reports is available through integration with mobile communications providers such as PeopleNet, Qualcomm and Zonar.

- A tire management module offers advanced tracking and reporting capabilities designed to support proper tire management and show life-cycle costs comparisons of different makes and models of tires.

- A labor time standards module helps establish benchmarks for costing, billing and planning activities by year, make and model.

The SLQ version builds on Microsoft SQL server reporting services to offer an array of customizable management report.

New features announced for the i-System version include a web edition, a browser-based graphical user interface that can be used on various browsers and supports browser-capable handheld and tablets.

The software's inventory costing feature now supports LIFO/FIFO and serialized parts and the driver vehicle inspection report and meter import now interfaces with PeopleNet's in-cab systems.