Accellos announced the release of a carrier qualification and monitoring module for its Prophesy Dispatch transportation management software.

The new module, made possible by an integration with SaferWatch Carrier Qualification and Monitoring service, gives transportation brokers using Prophesy Dispatch the ability to retrieve constantly updated data on the carriers with which they do business and be alerted at various steps in the dispatching process to any compliance issues. Additionally, a complete record of activity is stored to prove due diligence on the part of the broker in the event of a carrier-related incident.

Carrier master files can be updated automatically with the latest available data from SaferWatch by entering the carrier's MC or DOT number, saving time and data entry as well as ensuring that all information is continually up to date.

Data imported from SaferWatch includes:
- General location and contact information
- CSA BASIC scores
- Safety rating
- Authority status
- Whether the carrier has brokerage authority
- Whether the carrier is in or out of service
- Number of trucks
- Insurance info including BIPD, Surety & Trust
- SaferWatch overall Carrier Risk Indicator (Low, Medium, High)

SaferWatch pulls data from multiple government agencies including Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Department of Transportation, and A.M. Best.

When assigning a carrier to a load, users are able to see status warnings and alerts prominently and, based on configurable settings, either warn or prevent assignment of a carrier that has fallen below acceptable safety standards.

Upon assignment of a carrier to a load, Prophesy Dispatch will again check the SaferWatch site in real-time to verify that all safety information is current. When a load is marked en route, the system will check SaferWatch once more for verification of carrier compliance.

For added protection, all carrier qualification tracking and monitoring activity is documented as proof of due diligence. Prophesy Dispatch keeps a log of all information and verification dates within the system in the event of an incident.