Talbert Manufacturing is offering a special 75th Anniversary Trailer Package for a limited time.

Talbert is commemorating its 75th year in business in 2013. To celebrate, the company is offering and optional, distinctive anniversary package on select 2013 models.

A limited number of the anniversary edition trailers are available on Talbert's 55-ton series trailers, specifically the 55CC, 55SA, 55SA-RC and 55SA-HX models.

The basic anniversary package includes cosmetic detailing throughout the length of the trailer, topped off with Talbert 75th anniversary decals. Featured on both sides of the trailer, these decals appear on bright stainless steel in each of the gooseneck insets. In addition, there are stainless steel insets in the rear of the trailer as well as stainless steel mud flap brackets with throwback script lettering of "Talbert" cutout. Customers also are able to request a "Made Especially For" custom placard decal that will be affixed to the gooseneck.

Outriggers are powder coated and metallic silver in color. Special 75th anniversary conspicuity tape lines the sides of each anniversary trailer. The trailer is offered in standard Talbert Red or Talbert Black and will feature a clear coating to boost the color and provide a distinct shine. Finally, the apitong decking on each 75th anniversary trailer is treated with linseed oil to liven the appearance of the wood and serve as a preservative.

Beyond the basic package, customers can get options such as aluminum wheels, special lighting and other custom parts and accessories. Package prices will vary depending on each custom design and will be determined by each dealer.