Phillips Industries is making patented change to its Permaplug 7-way electrical connector by adding a thick rubberized protective seal to create the Weather-Tite Permaplug.
Phillips Permaplug with the new Weather-Tite seal.
Phillips Permaplug with the new Weather-Tite seal.

The Weather-Tite seal, first introduced earlier this year, has a three-blade Nitrile wiper seal to lock out the elements and corrosion-causing chemicals.

Phillips Industries works to test and develop products to stop magnesium chloride from entering truck and trailer electrical systems and causing damage.

"Damage can be costly from unscheduled downtime, interruption in electrical power and even potential electrical arcing caused by moisture and contaminates in the socket. We felt a real need to improve this connection for safety as well as the longevity of the product," said Bob Phillips, CEO and president.

Adding the Weather-Tite seal to the Permaplug will come as a running change and will become standard on Phillips electrical assemblies currently outfitted with Permaplug connectors.