Cadec Global announced expanded Performance Management Scorecards as part of its PowerVue system to help fleet managers track and report on driver and vehicle performance in real time.

The scorecards, also known as GYR for their graphic display of green, yellow or red statuses, provide fleet managers with an intuitive, easy-to-read report on driver behavior based on key performance indicators that highlight issues such as speeding, idling, over revving, or sudden decelerations.

There are now more than 50 configurable metrics available for fleet managers to monitor in real-time or use in periodic assessments, including excess idling, speeding, out-of-route miles, unknown stops, average miles per gallon, as well as pickup and delivery performance.

Metrics can be categorized to create scorecards by driver, vehicle, site and excess cost, and further specified to track items such as driver safety, driver fuel efficiency, driver performance, vehicle fuel efficiency, vehicle engine wear, and vehicle performance.

Fleet managers can view trending data, current status, and key indicators for each of these categories on easy-to-read dashboards. They can also choose their own metrics to measure, define status and trend thresholds, scale factors, and cost factors to customize the scorecards for their own fleet.

"Performance management through advanced scorecarding allows fleets to set company-wide standards, measure effectively against those standards, and modify behavior to improve fleet safety and performance, and reduce excess costs," said Jon Bernstein, CEO of Cadec.