Fleet managers can get critical event alerts sent directly to their iPad with a new app introduced this week at the PeopleNet user conference in Boca Raton, Fla.

The app is targeted toward safety and maintenance mangers, according to Randy Boyles, PeopleNet vice president, tailored solutions for PeopleNet.
The new app is capable of pushing information from a carrier's PeopleNet system out to these devices in real time, allowing managers to quickly react to critical events.

The application sends out data such as bread crumb information, hours-of-service status and critical event data. The application also sends vehicle location data and allows for driver messaging, from anywhere an iPad can make an Internet connection.

The application's browser ability gives fleets access to critical event data such as stability, sudden deceleration or acceleration and displays a map with vehicle location data.

The app can also send maintenance alerts based on safety-related fault codes, tire pressure alerts.

Boyles noted that while PeopleNet reports already contain this kind of information, there are times when immediate attention is needed, instead of waiting to review the reports.

Boyles said versions of the app for iPhones and Android devices would be introduced later this year.

The company also announced that a Spanish language option is available on the company's latest Blu.2 onboard computer.

Brian McLaughlin, PeopleNet's president said additional enhancements to their system are on the way, including new custom reporting, map and interface enhancements and hourly vehicle management data. The company expects to introduce full-software integration with commercial-grade handheld devices from Intermec.