J.J. Keller's Encompass, a DOT compliance management tool, will now support the U.S. Oil Field logging exception through the use of Keller's Android-based EOBR system.

"The U.S. Oil Field exception is critical to effectively manage hours-of-service requirements in the oil and gas field industry," says Rustin Keller, vice president of business services. "Fleets can take advantage of the 24-hour off-duty reset of the eight-day period, and the 'fifth line' for time spent waiting at a well site. Understanding this compliance is very difficult, and our systems help eliminate both log audit headaches and DOT non-compliance fines."

This feature is the latest addition to the Encompass system's comprehensive database of 18 industry- and state-specific rule sets. The Department of Transportation reports that hours-of-service issues are the most commonly cited violations at roadside inspections, and the support provided by Encompass and its E-Logs solution gives transportation professionals the tools they need to maintain compliance and avoid costly mistakes, the company says.

The rule sets currently supported in the Encompass EOBR/E-Log Solution include:

- U.S. Federal (60 and 70)
- U.S. Oil Field
- CD Federal (Cycles 1 and 2)

- Florida
- Texas

Encompass also supports many additional Federal- and state-specific hours-of-service rules for the manual entry of driver logs.

For more information: www.jjkeller.com