Trincon Group, a national transportation industry advisory firm, has created a Web-based program, TruCosting, that uses activity-based costing methodology and business intelligence to help carriers manage costs, increase truck productivity and maximize profit.

TruCosting analysis is built to define the profitability of a trucking company's pricing for future business and existing business. It uses a business intelligence technology, Tru-Intelligence, to compare actual trip results against the benchmarks of the model to determine the actual profitability. The profitability/cost analysis can be applied to a truck, a lane of traffic, a customer or segment of business.

"TruCosting includes fuel surcharge requirements in the pricing model and will determine if a shipper's fuel surcharges are compensatory", says Keith Margelowsky, Trincon's vice president of technology, "Furthermore, Trincon will design the costing model to meet the needs of a specific trucking company."

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