TrakLok Corp. has combined the physical security of a lock with a system that monitors cargo security to create GeoLok, a GPS system that tracks the load and a global communication technology advising owners of security breeches.

Current security and tracking solutions operate as independent systems. Physical security is managed with a lock or bolt seal. Tracking, monitoring and location reporting solutions must be pre-installed on each trailer or container and cannot be quickly moved to another vehicle with high-value loads.

GeoLok's integrated solution monitors all critical variables related to the vehicle movement including lock status and trailer door security. Pairing this information with origin and destination information, truck speed and unique customer profiles provide a substantial increase in security over standalone systems, the company says.

"The company's goal was to provide a complete and integrated security system a driver could use to completely secure a load in less than 30 seconds," says Tom Mann, CEO of TrakLok. "GeoLok does just that."

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