PeopleNet has expanded options for helping customers accelerate custom application development and secure software maintenance on its Blu and Tablet platforms with the BluLink Software Development Kit.

The options give customers a choice for adapting PeopleNet applications such as Automated Workflow to create a form or customize a workflow to meet their unique operational needs.

The PeopleNet Software Development Kits give customers direct access to the PeopleNet network to do their own over-the-air-programming. By sending simple commands over PeopleNet's network, a customer can easily install new versions of its own code, perform a loop back test on data transfer, and request diagnostic logs from the system.

For instance, "BluLink allows us to more easily present the workflow screens they want," says Ron Konezny.

Under a run-time BluLink license, PeopleNet writes and maintains code for the customer. A developer BluLink license enables the customer to write and/or maintain code. BluLink supports full data exchange with back-end systems and the Blu and Tablet onboard computers. The developer BluLink license includes onsite developer training about the PeopleNet architecture.

PeopleNet will continue to update BluLink and provide remote developer support and optional code review. PeopleNet will offer two different BluLink training sessions at the company's annual user conference in August that includes an introduction to programming with PeopleNet's SDKs.