New from Noregon Systems is JPro Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software v5.2, offering a new coverage module for 2007-2012 Sprinter (Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes) 2500 and 3500 vehicles.

The Sprinter module, which requires the use of either the Noregon JPro DLA+ or DLA+ Wireless adapters, provides a wide array of data and bi-directional tests for technicians including:
- Full OEM trouble code coverage on engines, transmissions, brakes, chassis and body controls
- Diesel cylinder cut out test on model years 2007-2009
- Diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration on 2007-2009 engines
- Gauge sweep and other instrument cluster tests
- Tire pressure monitor diagnostic test
- Maintenance light reset
- Oil lamp reset
- Clearing of diagnostic faults

The Sprinter module is the latest addition to Noregon's medium-duty line.

"We developed our Sprinter module based on a strong and growing need in the industry for comprehensive and easy-to-use diagnostic solutions for medium-duty applications," said Greg Reimmuth, vice president of sales and marketing for Noregon's aftermarket division. "Our modules quickly gather essential fault codes and present key diagnostic information in a graphically friendly format."

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