Networkfleet will offer 365-day reporting to help companies improve vehicle, driver and fleet management.

With access to a full year's worth of vehicle and fleet performance data, commercial and government fleets can more easily identify patterns and pinpoint improvements that will increase efficiency and help reduce costs.

All of Networkfleet's more than 20 reports are available for 365-day reporting, including speed reports, fuel usage and MPG, fleet utilization, activity reports, idle time and GPS fleet tracking. Fleet managers can review long-term fuel usage or speed trends, running end-of-the-year reports and comparing months or years. The reports can be generated in real time or can be scheduled to run automatically.

"Networkfleet has always provided a comprehensive reporting system to help fleets analyze and improve their operations," says Keith Schneider, president and CEO of Networkfleet. "However, organizations with fleets consistently require a more granular view of their operations. With the added flexibility of 365-day reporting, they can quickly assess long-term performance metrics and make strategic decisions about how to best manage their fleet."