LOUISVILLE, KY -- Ingersoll Axles (An IMT Company) has introduced a line of suspensions. The unique customization offered by Ingersoll Axles results in a suspension that is designed to fit your trailer, not a trailer designed around a suspension.

Several years in the making, the ISS (Ingersoll Suspension System), has been engineered for durability, strength and customization. The design of the ISS features an optimum I-beam trailing beam design, a fully wrapped axle connection, industry standard parts, and unparalleled customer support.

Having only offered axles in the past, Ingersoll Axles is now able to be a one stop shop for anyone wishing to purchase one of their current axle offerings (standard, drop centre, steerable, in-line, etc), as well any of their 15 new suspension designs.

To find out more about the ISS from Ingersoll Axles, visit www.ingersollaxles.com.