LOUISVILLE, KY - Dana is introducing its Spicer SelecTTrac housing option on its Pro-40 tandem axle, which offers customers the flexibility to convert between wide-base single tires with low off-set wheels and standard dual wheels with a single housing.
Wide-base tires can save additional weight on top of the Pro-40's approximately 100-pound improvement over competitive axles.

"Wide-base single tires are becoming increasingly popular as the industry looks for ways to improve efficiency," said Mark Wallace, president, Dana On-Highway Driveline Technologies. "With Spicer SelecTTrac, customers can benefit from the weight and fuel savings of wide-based single tires, and still maximize their axle system weight rating and wheel-end life."

The Pro-40 tandem addresses 60 to 70% of all on-highway linehaul needs, according to Dana officials. The housing is smaller on the rear axle; by shrinking the housing, you not only save weight compared to the larger version, but you also experience less parasitic loss due to smaller gears.

Dana also displayed at the Mid-America Trucking Show a new value calculator, which helps customers quantify the savings from specifying Dana products. Available online at www.danacalculator.com, the tool allows you to enter the components you're currently spec'ing (axles, driveline, hubs, tires), information about your fleet such as fleet size and miles run per year, then calculates the potential profit you could gain from lighter weight as well as fuel savings