Rand McNally's custom in-dash version of the IntelliRoute TND 710 truck-specific GPS system will now be available for International Trucks.

The International Truck version of Rand McNally's GPS unit includes several customized screens as well as a listing of International Truck dealers and locations.

"Market research and direct feedback from our Customer Advisor Boards has consistently indicated that some customers wanted a stand-alone GPS option that was easy to use, durable, affordable and which provided essential truck route specific mapping," says Steve Gilligan, vice president, Navistar. "The Rand McNally unit will enable us to respond to that need."

The truck-specific navigation and other business tools provided in the IntelliRoute TND GPS unit helps drivers track hours of service and miles by state for tax reporting.

"With the new in-dash program, drivers of International trucks now have the opportunity to incorporate our award-winning navigation in a more integrated way in their vehicles," says Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally.