Pana-Pacific has agreed to distribute Mobileye's advanced driver assistance systems for collision avoidance and mitigation to the commercial vehicle market.

Pana-Pacific's engineers will expedite pre-wired and factory-installed options of the Mobileye products with all the CV original equipment manufacturers. Pana-Pacific's aftermarket sales team will market Mobileye to all the heavy-duty truck dealerships in the U.S. and Canada, and Pana-Pacific's internal customer service staff will provide all CV Mobileye customers with technical support.

"This is a very important opportunity to improve safety on our highways" says Isaac Litman, CEO of Mobileye. "We have invested heavily to make our roads and vehicles safer, and this relationship will go a long way to improving the skills of drivers. Our best-in-class Mobileye C2-270 will now have accelerated access to the commercial vehicle market - at the production level and in the aftermarket."