Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies is offering FleetWise, a new service repair program that connects customers to a nationwide network of Great Dane branch and participating dealer locations.

FleetWise provides customers access to a network of Great Dane branch and dealer locations in the central and eastern parts of the U.S. and Eastern Canada. This network will continue to expand westward throughout the coming year. Currently there are 39 participating branch and dealer locations.

Services available through FleetWise include:
- FRP and Fiberglass repair
- Bumper and sub frame repair
- Door and hardware repair
- Insulation repair
- Lift gate installation
- Ramp installation
- Welding
- Painting
- Metal fabrication
- Decal installation
- Lights, wiring and electrical work
- Body swap and mounting
- Preventive maintenance

Participating locations also offer EPA 608 certified/Johnson all-electric refrigeration repair and chassis wheel base alteration. The service locator,, helps customers locate a nearby service provider and information they need to schedule a service appointment.

Mobile service is available at many Great Dane branch and dealer locations.