SkyBitz will offer two-way global tracking and monitoring of intermodal assets with its SkyBitz Galaxy Series.

The Galaxy Series offers visibility of assets for years at a time without having to connect to a power source. Users can also program reporting requirements to have the device shut off for periods of time and in certain geographic zones to save more power and unnecessary reporting, creating a lower cost of ownership.

The product is built to withstand harsh environments, takes 30 minutes or less to install, and the external antenna allows for flexible and stealth installations, according to the company. The Galaxy Series also allows for cargo status data via sensors and more intelligent and responsive self-diagnostics, allowing for over-the-air troubleshooting.

Skybitz says the new product will help avoid disruption of supply chains. It also can help intermodal businesses be more competitive with long-haul truckload carriers through improved operating efficiencies.