Mitchell 1 and Noregon Systems will work together to develop an interface between Mitchell 1's and Noregon's JPRO Commercial Fleet Products .

The interface will let Noregon capture and pass a vehicle identification number and diagnostic trouble code into Mitchell 1's and retrieve information such as description of trouble code, related wiring diagrams, component connector views, electrical component locator, testing procedures and removal and installation procedures.

Instantly delivering trouble-code-specific diagnostic and repair information to technicians shortens time between initial trouble detection and a fully repaired vehicle. No additional look-up of repair information is required to complete the service correctly.

Mitchell 1's web-based application, introduced in 2010, uses diagnostic trouble codes to gather real-time information required to fix the problem identified by the code. Seven tabs presented in the Repair-Connect program contain details specific to the reported DTC, such as component location, connector views, removal and installation, wiring diagrams and specifications.