Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies unveiled a new high-pressure polyurethane foam insulation system and will begin using the new product in all truck body designs by the end of March 2012.

The combination of new high-pressure injection equipment and improved foam chemistry offer
the following benefits:

* 5% greater R-value than Johnson equipment produced with the previous insulation system. Improved performance is primarily due to a tighter cell structure in the foam insulation. The new high-pressure foam injection equipment provides a better control of mix ratios and chemical temperature, both of which significantly affect the consistency of cell structure.

* 9% gain in structural stability of wall and ceiling panels. The injection rates of the new equipment are three times the current rate, allowing the foam chemistry to properly and fully react within the panels for a more consistent thermal and structural performance throughout the truck body.

* Thermal degradation as a result of "out gassing" is reduced due to the more stable blowing agent used in the new system. The tighter cell structure and more uniform cell shapes of the new foam further reduce the outgassing potential. Lower outgassing means the insulation value of the foam remains sound throughout the product lifecycle.