Gunk, provider of engine cleaning and degreasing products, reformulated its Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner to more quickly remove brake fluid, dust build-up and oil from all brake parts.

Leaving no residue, the new formula boasts better cleaning faster drying time than its predecessor, and it is still non-flammable. The reformulation degreases brake linings, cylinders, drums, rotors, clutches and CV joints to ensure the removal of brake dust, brake fluid, grease and other contaminants.

"Our reformulated Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner is a performance-based version of a tried and true product that Gunk brand customers have relied on for decades," says Marshal Livingstone, Gunk brand category manager. "It's a great adaptation to our line of serious cleaners and degreasers, and I am confident Gunk product users will see the difference in dry time and cleaning strength when they use the new formula."