If you drive a truck or maintain a fleet, chances are you've heard talk about other companies getting emissions reduction equipment at a reduced rate, or even free with government funding.

The confusing part is how. How do you find the discounted equipment, how do you find an installer, and how do you find out if you are eligible? These are the million-dollar questions -- literally. With millions of dollars in government funding available, the answers could have a huge impact on your bottom line this year.

The good news is there are experts out there to help you find the answers to these questions and walk you through the process.

Companies such as WheelTime, which includes the nationwide network of Detroit Diesel service centers, have appointed specialists that follow funding opportunities and help local fleets and owner-operators apply for these grants. They are also authorized to install idle reduction equipment, so they are a one-stop shop for upfitting your truck.

Other companies such as Cascade Sierra Solutions have outreach centers with showrooms where you can see idle reduction equipment available. Experts at these centers can help you apply for a grant or financing if you are eligible, and direct you to a dealer for installation.

Currently Cascade Sierra Solutions is administering a rebate program that offers incentives up to 20% off the installed price of equipment that can hook up to the power grid to eliminate engine idling. That translates to a $1,600 rebate if you are looking for a heating and cooling product such as the Webasto BlueCool Hybrid. This initiative is called The STEP Program and is funded by The Department of Energy.

Online resources such as The Diesel Technology Forum compile the latest information in an easy to navigate website. You can find pretty much anything you want to know about the latest emissions reduction technology, diesel retrofits and fuel savings.

The money is out there. If you are looking to reduce idling, save fuel, and clean up the environment, take a look at one of the websites above. You may just find a solution that will save you thousands of dollars per year.