The UT-1 Trailer UnderTray System from SmartTruck, a lower-cost and smaller version of SmartTruck's popular UT-6 System, offers a 5.5% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over trucks not equipped with the system.
SmartTruck's UT-1 System is EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant.
SmartTruck's UT-1 System is EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant.

The UT-1 System features a sleek two-component design that delivers a 5.5% highway fuel efficiency improvement. The system can be installed by one person in less than one hour, and similar to the UT-6 System, improves airflow and cooling over temperature sensitive tires and brakes.

"The UT-1 System builds on SmartTruck's growing history of performance and reliability to provide fleets a rugged, durable, CARB solution now at a low cost with less than one hour of installation time," said Mitch Greenberg, president, SmartTruck. "The UT-1 System is becoming a very popular choice with many fleets looking for this type of aerodynamic solution."

The components are made of the same tough polyethylene plastic as the UT-6 system, designed to last the life of the trailer. The UT-1 System is EPA SmartWay verified and CARB compliant. Fleets can easily upgrade to the full UT-6 System and its 7% fuel-efficiency improvement by adding a single component. Fleets can also integrate SmartTruck's Side Fairings, which further improve highway fuel-efficiency performance to more than 10%, according to the company.

"The new system uses the same aerodynamic design approach as our UT-6 System -- it uses the airflow around the trailer to reduce the high-drag, low-pressure wake behind the trailer," said Mike Henderson, CEO and Chief Designer, SmartTruck. "The UT-1 System can be easily upgraded to the UT-6 System by adding a single component, and both systems improve tire and brake cooling."

The UT-1 System also provides significant ground clearance to avoid everyday road and loading facility obstacles and challenges. It's rail friendly as well -- UT-1 equipped trailers can be loaded onto railcars. The system weighs 185 pounds installed.

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