Phillips Industries latest innovation in electrical socket technology, the Sta-Dry Tracker, will significantly improve the connection between the tractor and trailer.
The socket swivels above the nosebox, allowing 40 degrees of movement in either direction.
The socket swivels above the nosebox, allowing 40 degrees of movement in either direction.

When a truck/trailer combination is required to move into a tight space, creating a severe angle between them, the chance of expensive and time consuming damage to air and electrical cables, the nosebox, connectors and gladhands is likely. Simply increasing cable length to account for this not a good option -- each added foot of cable adds cost, plus a sagging cable that will rub on the deck plate causing damage and drawing attention with penalty points from CSA inspectors.

The answer is a swivel electrical socket -- the Sta-Dry Tracker -- that will allow the cable to simply follow the movement of the truck. It will accommodate a turn up to 80 degrees (40 degrees left or 40 degrees right) and will disconnect if the turn exceeds that angle. The common damages associated with a jackknife pullout are averted and you can simply reconnect the electrical cable.

"We've wanted to build this for years, but we could never find the method to make it functional without compromising the copper wire," says Bob Phillips, president and CEO of Phillips Industries. "Our engineers finally figured it out and we think this product can be a real game-changer because it simply saves fleets money with only a minor modification to their equipment. It pays for itself over and over again."

Features of the Sta-Dry Tracker include:
* Allows 80-degree turning without damaging the nosebox, cable or plug
* When combined with swivel gladhands, like the Phillips Swinger Gladhand, the entire air and electrical lines are safe
* The shroud protects the swivel from icing in extreme cold weather
* The patented QCS2 is waterproof, stopping corrosion from entering the electrical system
* 70% of people are right handed, the Sta-Dry Tracker allows driver to plug cable in and take out using right hand versus feeling ergonomically awkward while using left hand
* Extended cable automatically disconnects when pulled to the extreme, preventing damage and permanent loss of connectivity
* Multiple wire and cable entry from bottom
* 3-year warranty

The swivel Sta-Dry Tracker socket has been tested to over 600,000 rotating cycles.

Interactive and hands-on displays of Phippips' "game-changing" Sta-Dry Tracker will be on exhibit in Booth #818 during exhibition hours so fleet representatives can see for themselves how this product performs.

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