Attendees of the Technology and Maintenance Council 2012 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition will be the first to see Great Dane's all new Champion SE dry freight vans.
Two highly-specified Champion SE vans and a Great Dane converter dolly will be on display in Booth #2011 at the Tampa Convention Center February 20-23.

The first trailer, courtesy of Coca-Cola, is a 35-foot van capable of handling the weight and punishment that accompany a typical beverage haul operation. It features Great Dane's all new standard reinforced dry van rear frame, EnduroGuard, which combines the strength of galvannealed carbon steel with stainless steel for corrosion protection. The trailer features a stainless steel rear impact guard, front scuff, and approach plate options, upper running gear crossmembers on 8-in. centers, Great Dane's puncture-resistant SSL interior lining and Holland Atlas 55 support gear.

The Coke trailer on display features Prolam hardwood maple flooring with Waxin weather barrier and Great Dane's exclusive CorroGuard coating applied to its underbody to assure that this freight van can endure the most damaging elements.

Enhanced Interior Options

Now standard on Great Dane's entire product line is Stemco's Platinum Performance Plus wheel end system with an extended 6-year warranty, and the Coca-Cola trailer has them. Grote's LongLife Light System wiring harness with Grote Micro Nova 'DOT' LED exterior lamps and LED interior dome lights with motion-sensing technology demonstrate the latest innovations in trailer lighting.

Also on display in Great Dane's tradeshow booth is a 28-foot Estes dry freight van. The pup features the new EnduroGuard standard reinforced dry van rear frame and Great Dane's exclusive SSL interior lining, which offers superior durability and corrosion resistance thanks to a layer of galvalume steel wrapped around a rigid core. Estes specified an eco-friendly lining, and Great Dane delivered with a recycled polypropylene non-wood backer for the SSL interior panels.

In addition to the "green" lining, the Estes pup has several other innovative features which favor the environment. Prolam maple flooring with Waxin and PuR undercoating for moisture protection is the only brand 100-percent SFI Certified for responsible forestry practices. Ancra's Lift-a-Deck recessed track system considerably diminishes the possibility of product damage while allowing for a 40-percent increase in payload and results in fuel savings. This particular show trailer is also fitted with a Transtex Maximum Flex pup skirt constructed of thermoplastic composite material. The skirt is wind tunnel tested and designed to achieve optimal aerodynamic performance and reduction in fuel usage.

A Great Dane converter dolly specified by Estes accompanies the pup trailer on display. Great Dane manufactures and warranties its own line of fully-customizable converter dollies standard with I-beam construction for increased strength.

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