Laydon Composites has designed a short skirt for intermodal trailers and a wishbone-shaped underskirt with a single center main section for operators wanting something simpler than traditional twin skirts.

The Hybrid248 skirt is meant to avoid damage during lifting onto and off of rail cars, said Andy Acott, Laydon Composites' president. It is 248 inches long by 32 inches deep, and is the smallest skirt to get EPA SmartWay certification.

It will get the 5% minimum fuel economy betterment at highway speeds required by the California Air Resources Board. It's quite flexible and will not break even when pushed up or back by pavement-level obstructions. It uses a metal mono-clamp and pre-tensioned composite springs to stay secure and not flop around, but allow the skirt to flex. Its retail price is $895, though fleet pricing is lower, Acott said.

The Curve skirt has a single vertical panel that's mounted at the center of the trailer's underside, which blocks air from flowing across the trailer's main beams. Two additional pieces flare outward ahead of the tandem, so air moves around the bogey instead of into it.

Reduction of turbulence saves at least 5% in fuel, also meeting the CARB requirements. It works on van and reefer trailers, and will not interfere with the reefer's fuel tank. It, too, uses the mono-clamp and flexible spring mounting system.

Acott said the Curve is the lightest skirt available at 129 pounds and can be installed in one hour. It retails at $795.