Sylectus expanded its web-based Transportation Management Software network to include partner fleets and carriers that specialize in North American Free Trade Agreement services.

By accessing Sylectus' network of NAFTA partners, small- and medium-sized for-hire fleets and private larger fleets can now serve customers needing to transport freight across the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders.

The new network serves as extension of Sylectus' existing TMS network and elps fleets navigate requirements more easily within other geographies and provides near real-time tracking of fleet loads.

"Managing fleet operations across international borders involves a thorough and specialized understanding of country-specific compliance issues, customs clearance and paperwork requirements, cultural differences and local transportation laws," says Stuart Sutton, senior director at Qualcomm Enterprise Services and general manager of Sylectus.

"We have found that many of our customers lack the resources and experience in NAFTA services and are therefore forced to turn away opportunities that would have otherwise positively impacted their bottom line," Sutton says. "By adding NAFTA coverage to the Sylectus network, our customers can now easily serve their respective customers across North America by leveraging the resources of partner fleets with this knowledge."