Drive Axle's Large Fleet edition offers a smartphone-based scanning solution that can be easily integrated with existing back-office systems.

"Retrieving freight documents from drivers is slow and costly for most large trucking companies." said Kevin Survance, Eleos CEO. "Many fleets have made extensive investment in enterprise document management systems, but are still stuck using costly overnight envelopes and public fax machines to retrieve freight documents from truck drivers. We're proud to offer a mobile scanning solution that will empower many fleets to capture that elusive prize: same-day billing."

With Drive Axle's Large Fleet edition, freight documents are scanned and indexed on the drivers' smartphones at the point of delivery, enhanced in the Drive Axle cloud, then transmitted directly to the company's enterprise document management system - typically in less than a minute. Documents are then processed using the normal back-office workflow along with images captured from other input sources - fax machines, scanners, etc.

Drive Axle's mobile document scanning can be joined with document management, fleet management, dispatch, and billing systems such as those offered by Qualcomm, PeopleNet, Rand McNally, Microdea, docStar, ebe, TMW Systems, McLeod Software, and Manhattan Associates.

Drive Axle's Large Fleet edition is a turn-key solution, with flat monthly pricing and no additional per-document fees.

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