Carrier Logistics Inc. launched Factsmap version 2.0, offering dispatchers increased routing optimization capabilities and ease of use, for its Facts transportation software suite.

"Current customers who have the Facts total freight management system with the optional Factsmap 1.0 module are entitled to a free upgrade," says CLI Vice President Ken Weinberg.

Among the upgrade improvements:

* Ability to provide ETA alerts for shipments that have become delayed and will not make their scheduled delivery times

* Dispatchers can save on mileage and increase driver productivity by changing the order of stops for a truck going on its route and altering the locations for the first stop and the intermediate stops

* Real time alerts when traffic jams occur, enabling trucks to take an alternate route to avoid delays

* Increased flexibility to manage dispatching and operations at multiple terminals instead of just one

* Ability to switch pickups and deliveries from one driver to another by a click of the mouse

* Enabling customer service representatives to monitor what is going on along each driver's route and in each terminal

* Flexibility in locating destinations not normally identified by a street address - for example, a specific retail store in a shopping center or mall

* Geocoding that enables dispatchers to redirect shipments headed to the wrong location, avoiding late deliveries

* 100% compatibility with Microsoft's Map Point

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