Orion Innovations has introduces breakthrough wireless technology designed to reduces driver distraction by monitoring and logging driver cell phone use.

For the automotive, truck, transportation and fleet industries, decreasing driver distraction and protecting public safety are top priorities to save lives, reduce liability and control insurance costs. Providing a first-of-its-kind market solution, Orion Innovations, LLC has introduced a patent-pending, wireless technology called Signal-Safe.

Signal-Safe detects and records all occurrences of driver cell phone use in any moving vehicle and provides a means for employers to monitor driver cell phone usage. In a recent pilot program involving school buses, Signal-Safe installation resulted in an 84% reduction in cell phone use by school bus drivers.

The technology continually monitors and logs a data report for cell phone use at the driver station while uniquely providing a solution to eliminate "false positives" (the logging of false events caused by the presence of signals that are not generated by a driver cell phone). Signal-Safe also eliminates the need for recurring subscriptions, cell phone specific "apps" and pre-programming.

In a pilot program conducted with the cooperation of an upstate New York school bus fleet in which school buses were monitored for a total of 8,512 miles, Orion Innovations installed Signal-Safe to determine if the presence of the technology would reduce driver cell phone usage. Monitoring cell phone usage without the drivers' knowledge of Signal-Safe installation provided an initial data comparison base. Drivers were then informed that Signal-Safe had been installed and would log all driver cell phone events. The results were significant, showing an 84 percent reduction in driver cell phone use while buses were in operation.

How Signal-Safe Works

Signal-Safe uses a cell phone signal detection device (SDD) engineered specifically to isolate the vehicle driver station. The SDD is integrated with the electrical function of the vehicle and is deployed when the ignition switch is in the "on" position and the vehicle is in motion. When the SDD detects a cellular signal from the driver's station during mobile operation, a user-friendly data report is generated and logged to the "black box" memory for transfer to any computer via USB flash drive, or can be paired with an onboard vehicle telematics platform for generation of real-time reports.

The system can also be configured in over-the-road haulers to continually monitor hands-free cellular use. Additional options include onboard audio and visual warnings, as well as the recorded announcement of driver cell phone use.

With sole monitoring of the vehicle driver station, Signal-Safe technology has no effect on passenger cell phone use; and its passive system design prevents interference with other vehicle sensors and electronic systems.

Orion Innovations has produced two Signal-Safe models for its commercial product launch. Signal-Safe "Fleet Master" is a standalone product designed for fleet applications when integration with onboard monitoring technologies is not available or desired. Signal-Safe "Pro" is designed for pairing with onboard telematics monitoring systems.

Slated for launch in late 2011, Signal-Safe "Select" is well suited for general consumer applications and parental monitoring of teen drivers.

More info: www.signal-safe.com