Transportation Costing Group introduced the next generation of its Cost Information System, CIS/NG.

The new software provides all of the same applications and functionality of the current LTL Cost Information System, but with improved productivity and scalability to match capacity and performance needs.

CIS/NG combines LTL motor carrier traffic and financial information, such as freight bills and user-built shipment description files, with carrier and/or industry performance standards to develop the cost of individual shipments. Results of shipment cost analyses are fully presented by CIS/NG, and can be expanded to include any or all activities, such as pickup cost detail.

The new CIS/NG cost analysis software processes data more productively in several ways. It consolidates functions in a single costing and reporting application so users to cost shipments, generate traffic reports and import external shipment data within the same application. It can also background these functions.

The new version includes sophisticated search and replace functionality for shipment files, and several different ways to create representative sample shipments files for re-costing purposes. Additional flexibility when extracting traffic shipments for re-costing is provided during report design and after a traffic report has been generated.

Sampling of traffic extracts for re-costing allows the creation of a user-selected, targeted representative sample of bills from individual report grouping levels that is used to generate weight and revenue variances.

Finally, a dynamic grouping, a new type of reporting, allows users to report on traffic without pre-setting report criteria.