Rair introduced two enhancements to its CSA solution, with more user control.

Using Microsoft Silverlight technology, Rair has created a new type of reporting environment that offers greater control to the user. In addition, a new report links CSA data to audited Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs).

RAIR's new CSA reports use Silverlight technology to create a more fluid reporting environment, allowing carriers to control the amount of data and the number of details when building reports. Specific features include the ability to drag and drop columns, sort within columns, and filter data within columns (for example, displaying only drivers with 10 or more violations). Users can filter the same data set up to three times.

RAIR's new DVIR report compares data from DVIRs with CSA Vehicle Maintenance BASIC data, to help carriers identify and counsel drivers who routinely perform inadequate vehicle inspections. The report indicates whether the cause of a vehicle-related CSA violation was noted on the DVIR for the day of the inspection or the day prior to the inspection.