A new white paper from Spill Center, a spill support and environmental claims management company, provides a comprehensive look at the regulatory maze surrounding environmental spills and carrier preparedness.

The paper, "Spill Preparedness in Transportation: Containing Costs and Limiting Liability After Environmental Releases," is available for download at no charge.

Written by Tom Moses, president of Spill Center, the paper discusses contingency planning for spills, driver training with respect to spill containment, environmental liability of the spill generator, incident reporting requirements and advice on staying out of trouble with the authorities. Also included are real-life examples of expensive snafus that could have been avoided with proper spill preparedness.

Moses, a former U.S. EPA toxicologist, founded Spill Center over 20 years ago to help companies at risk from accidental spills of hazmat, diesel fuel and other unregulated materials. He holds a certificate in Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response from Georgia Institute of Technology and has served as secretary of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Security Committee and as a Panel Chair for the National Academies' Transportation Research Board.

To download the paper, visit the company's website at www.spillcenter.com