K-Line Industries, a supplier of OEM and dealer special tools, introduced a tire run-out gauge that measures both radial and lateral tire run-out conditions.
Using this tool can help eliminate irregular tire wear, ride vibration and lengthens the life of tires.

K-Line's patented Tire Run-out Gauge uses a roller wheel placed against the tire tread combined with a gauge bar, individual low and high spot sliders and magnified measurement readout that quickly the amount of run-out present. If the run-out exceeds stated limits, a check can be made and repairs completed.

The K-Line Tire Run-out Gauge can pinpoint problems either directly related to the tire and rim or some other trouble areas that may be causing run-out. It is an early indicator of wheels and/or tires that need to be reworked or discarded.

For more information: www.klineind.com