Paylode announced its 100-percent recycled, reusable dunnage product line for truck, rail and intermodal cargo.

Made of durable, precision-formed plastic dunnage, Paylode products are designed to replace corrugated cardboard and wooden dunnage that is traditionally used to protect loads and ensure compliance to bridge laws. The introductory product line includes bulkhead spacers, separator pads, void panels, lateral void fillers and plastic boards.

Whereas traditional products don't always protect product freight in transit, the Paylode products cushion loads for a reduction in freight damage costs. In addition to cost savings from fewer damaged loads, Paylode products also eliminate the cost of replacing corrugated and cardboard dunnage after every shipment. Whereas corrugated and wood dunnage is typically used for just one or two shipments before it is thrown away, Paylode products can be reused for hundreds of trips.