Rand McNally now offers its line of truck GPS devices for sale throughout Canada.
The IntelliRoute TND line is distributed in Canada exclusively by SYNNEX Canada Limited.

The IntelliRoute TND has been designed for the North American market with full translation into French and Spanish. In addition, the unit has features that uniquely address driver needs in Canada, such as the ability to warn of border crossings ahead.

The IntelliRoute TND line was built from the ground up for professional drivers. Beginning with award-winning truck-specific navigation from Rand McNally, the units feature a speaker and mounting device designed for truck use, an extra-long power cable, and a suite of specialized Trucker Business Tools to assist drivers in managing the business aspects of trucking. Many of the features in the IntelliRoute TND 510 and 710 units were developed as a direct result of tens of thousands of comments from "Tell Rand," a unique on-device feature that provides continuous feedback to Rand McNally from the driver community.