OTC released the 5025 DEF Refractometer, which optically measures the quality of DEF fluid.

To ensure proper operation of SCR systems, vehicle operators and technicians must make certain that the DEF used in their vehicle consists of the correct 32.5 percent concentration of urea and water.

The 5025 refractometer is a portable, precision, optical instrument used for measuring the DEF concentration. When a liquid sample is placed on the prism, the light passing through it is bent. The more concentrated the liquid, the more the light will bend. It contains a reticle, or scale, that is enlarged through the eyepiece to measure this light; and the values on the scale have been established to evaluate the DEF condition.

According to the company, simply place a small liquid DEF sample on the refractometer prism, look through the eyepiece, and read the scale, which has been specifically calibrated for DEF.

The OTC 5025 kit includes the Refractometer, a dropper, the lens wipe cloth, instructions and a quick reference guide. It also includes a screwdriver and a durable case.

Additionally, SPX is pleased to announce that two new upgrade kits are now available for the OTC DPF Cleaner (P/N 5280). These new upgrade kits include coverage for Detroit Diesel (P/N 556889) and Navistar (P/N 558181) engines. This expanded coverage underscores SPX's leadership in DPF cleaning and ensures that its customers have the broadest possible coverage of filters.

For more information: www.otctools.com