Peterson's Model 354 Series of LED Mid-Turn Lights meets Title 13 compliance for use on long trailers in the state of California.
Peterson's M354 Mid-Turn Light provides the intense brilliance and wide angle of visibility set by J2039. California is the only state where J2039 compliance is mandatory.

"We're very pleased to offer customers an LED mid-turn light that's legal in California," said Tim Gilbert, head of Peterson's Heavy Duty Fleet & OEM Sales. "Unlike incandescent lights, meeting J2039 compliance with LEDs is a big challenge -- which is why customers have so few choices today in legal LEDs. We're proud our M354 is one of them."

The M354 Series features hardwired leads terminated with AMP hardshell connectors, and comes in both grommet- and flange-mount versions. Compliance standards met by M354 items include:
* Mid-Turn: SAE J2039
* Side Marker: FMVSS108
* Reflex: FMVSS108

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