Hino Trucks announced Hino Insight, a comprehensive Web-based location and telematics product.
Hino Insight provides GPS-based remote fleet management capabilities to fleet operations of all sizes.

Hino Trucks and its telematics technology partner, WebTech Wireless, have invested more than two years and over a million miles of real-world testing to develop the fleet management system.

Insight offers route tracking, geofencing, advanced vehicle administration, and planned maintenance management, real-time critical Hino proprietary diagnostics alerts, custom fleet performance dashboard reporting, and remote door unlock telemetry.

The Hino Insight Dashboard main page of the HinoInsight.com web portal provides a daily snapshot of a fleet's critical diagnostics status and performance against established targets. The Insight Dashboard allows fleet managers to simultaneously access real-time vehicle and driver-related information, including key metrics such as:

- Hino proprietary diagnostics critical alerts

- Idle time fuel savings opportunity calculator

- Targeted fleet performance for speed, acceleration, braking, and fuel usage

- Identification of trucks with greatest performance improvement opportunities

- In-route/driving fuel economy versus overall fuel economy

- Operating time utilization

- Diesel exhaust fluid tank level monitoring

- Automated email reports

Hino Insight is currently offered for Hino's 2008 through 2012 model year trucks, with customized solutions available for most GVW Class 1-8 vehicles.