Envirofleet of Kent, Ohio, now offers three styles of stand-alone HVAC units for truck sleeper cabs for reduced idle time.

Each unit has a 110-volt compressor and can be run using diesel, gasoline or electricity. A sealed box design uses no hoses and never needs to be recharged. With an on-board generator, there are no time limits for HVAC use, allowing climate control during an entire 34-hour turnaround.

The Envirofleet HVAC is available in rooftop, backwall and underbunk configurations. Rooftop models one and two produce 13,500 and 15,000 BTU of air conditioning respectively with 5,600 BTU of heat each. Backwall mounts are available with 9,400 and 13,000 BTU of A/C. The Underbunk model comes in 9,400 and 14,000 BTU. Backwall and underbunk units both produce 8,000 BTU of heat.

HVAC purchases also include a one-year warranty with a five-year expected lifetime.

For more information: www.enviro-fleet.com